Enlitic applies the state of the art in deep learning technology to medicine

We apply machine learning to medicine to help doctors save lives

We draw insights from billions of clinical cases to improve every medical decision

We start with diagnosis, where every patient's journey begins

For Patients

Enlitic puts patients first by providing doctors with a tool designed to help them improve care and increase the accuracy of diagnostics. As part of your doctor's visit at one of partner clinics, Enlitic technology will automatically help your physician screen for specific diseases within your medical data (such as x-rays, MRIs, and more).

Health screenings

Increased ability for physicians to detect deadly diseases such as lung cancer

Personalized treatment advice

Information for you doctor on what treatments have worked in the past for patients similar to you, truly personalizing your care

Many diseases

Assistance as doctors scan for possible diagnoses

For Radiologists

Enlitic technology brings clinical intelligence and subspecialty expertise to any radiology clinic. Automatic analysis provides a tool to radiologists with the potential to result in unparalleled disease detection and diagnostic accuracy. The technology also allows for dramatically reduced image read times, support in detection of co-morbidities and incidental findings, and insights on treatment options.

Diagnostic accuracy

Lower rates of misdiagnosis, and improved disease detection


Information on how insights are generated so that the radiologist (or referring physician) is always in charge of their workflow and decision-making


Optimized integration into existing workflows so that physicians can focus exclusively on diagnostically-relevant data

For Healthcare Providers

Enlitic brings a comprehensive approach to medical diagnostic support, helping you to continually increase clinically accuracy and efficiency. We integrate end-to-end within clinics and across whole healthcare networks to support every radiologists' existing workflow, and provide deeper insights to every patient and referring physician alike.

Diverse data sources

Medical decision-making that can leverages all available patient data, including medical imaging, laboratory reports, patient histories, and pathology

System-wide performance

Deep system-wide insights into radiological performance across important quality and efficiency metrics

Deep learning-enabled

Full deep learning-enabled utilization of your medical archives to bring personalized, data-driven medicine to your clinicians and patients

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Enlitic's "Premier Partner Program" brings in a small number of organizations that want to be part of building the future of medicine together with us. We share our most recent technological breakthroughs with this group, working with them to integrate the full capabilities of the technology into their clinical practice, and helping to build their team capabilities in data-driven medicine.

We have already announced our Premier Partner for Australia: Capitol Health. Capitol's Clinical Director, Dr. Anthony Upton said they joined the program because "Enlitic will forever change the way radiology and all of medicine is practiced. In the urban setting, it will improve accuracy and efficiency to deliver optimum patient outcomes. Globally, it will deliver healthcare to populations that have none."

To see whether you may qualify for the program, we have provided more details on the "Premier Partner Program Application" page.

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