Enlitic is the deep learning healthcare company ushering in a new era of Data Driven Medicine

Enlitic applies the state-of-the-art in deep learning technology — one of MIT Tech Review's Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2013 — to medicine. Deep learning is loosely based on how the human brain works and has unleashed colossal capabilities in computer vision, language translation, and speech recognition.

Our team of healthcare executives, physicians, and data science experts are adapting deep learning to medicine, with the goal of bringing patients radically improved diagnostic outcomes. We collaborate closely with medical centers to validate our technology and benchmark our performance against publicly available medical data sets.

For Patients

Enlitic puts patients first by providing radiologists with a tool designed to help them improve the accuracy of diagnostics, reduce wait times, and prevent unnecessary follow up tests. As part of your doctor's visit at one of partner clinics, Enlitic technology will automatically screen for hundreds of specific diseases within your medical data (such as x-rays, MRIs, and more).

Health screenings

Increased ability for physicians to detect deadly diseases such as lung cancer

Personalized treatment advice

Information for you doctor on what treatments have worked in the past for patients similar to you, truly personalizing your care

Thousands of diseases

Assistance as doctors scan for thousands of possible diagnoses

For Radiologists

Enlitic technology brings clinical intelligence and subspecialty expertise to any radiology clinic. Automatic analysis across large numbers of disease types provides to radiologists a tool with the potential to result in unparalleled diagnostic accuracy. It also allows for dramatically reduced image read times, detection of co-morbidities and incidental findings, and insights on treatment options.

Diagnostic accuracy

Lower rates of misdiagnosis, and improved disease detection


Information on how the insights are generated so that the radiologist (or referring physician) is always in charge of their workflow and decision-making


Optimized clinical workflows so that physicians can focus exclusively on diagnostically-relevant data

For Healthcare Providers

Enlitic brings a comprehensive approach to medical diagnostic support. We integrate end-to-end within clinics and across whole healthcare networks to support every radiologists' workflow, and provide deeper insights to every patient and referring physician alike.

Enlitic handles report generation for you from end to end, through our:

  • Deep learning integrated workflow
  • Radiologists who are hand-picked based on their accuracy and speed using deep learning tools

Our target is:

  • Half the cost, twice the accuracy, twice the speed of legacy approaches
  • Opportunity to provide rich, interactive multimedia reports for greater physician and patient understanding

Diverse data sources

Medical decision-making that leverages all available patient data, including medical imaging, laboratory reports, genomic data, and pathology

System-wide performance

Deep system-wide insights into radiological performance across important quality and efficiency metrics

Deep learning-enabled

Full deep learning-enabled utilization of your medical archives to bring personalized, data-driven medicine to your clinicians and patients

"Medical diagnostics is, at its heart, a data problem - turning images, lab tests, patient histories, and so forth into a diagnosis and proposed intervention. Recent applied machine learning breakthroughs, especially using deep learning, have shown that computers can rapidly turn large amounts of data of this kind into deep insights, and find subtle patterns. This is the biggest opportunity for positive impact using data that I've seen in my 20+ years in the field."

Jeremy Howard, Founder and CEO

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Enlitic's "Premier Partner Program" brings in a small number of organizations that want to be part of building the future of medicine together with us. We share our most recent technological breakthroughs with this group, working with them to integrate the full capabilities of the technology into their clinical practice, and helping to build their team capabilities in data-driven medicine.

We have already announced our Premier Partner for Australia: Capitol Health. Capitol's Clinical Director, Dr. Anthony Upton said they joined the program because "Enlitic will forever change the way radiology and all of medicine is practiced. In the urban setting, it will improve accuracy and efficiency to deliver optimum patient outcomes. Globally, it will deliver healthcare to populations that have none."

To see whether you may qualify for the program, we have provided more details on the "Premier Partner Program Application" page.

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