Increase Radiologist Efficiency & Reading Workflow With AI

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is growing. Specifically, AI in radiology is changing how radiologists do their job. There are many point solutions available that help with medical diagnosis by finding anomalies in images and provide radiologists with a good place to start their reporting. Enlitic is not a point solution and although we use artificial intelligence in healthcare practices, Enlitic is not an AI company. Enlitic is a healthcare IT company that uses AI in radiology to standardize data and create major efficiencies in workflow, starting with the radiologist.

AI in Radiology

How We Help You

Our solutions help radiologists with their workflows. Although we aren’t creating AI for diagnosis, our platform helps radiologists create reports more efficiently.

· Studies and series appear with normalized, clinically relevant descriptions

· Hanging protocols work better and are more consistent

· Relevant, uniform descriptions simplify looking for the appropriate series

· Reclaim wasted time by saving 22-43 seconds per study

· Radiologists experience less frustration with PACS

AI in Radiology - frustration with PACS

Help Reduce Radiologist Burnout

The is a lot of artificial intelligence in healthcare, but nothing to simplify the radiologist workflow. That is until Curie | ENDEX was created. This medical imaging software uses AI to eliminate repetitive tasks and allow for reduced reporting times and happier radiologists. As hanging protocols break regularly, your radiology team is frustrated with the inaccurate data creating problems for these protocols. When ENDEX is deployed, these displays are consistent each time and radiologists see their PACS working as expected.

Just the Beginning of How Enlitic Effects AI in Radiology

While we discuss how AI in radiology starts with data standardization, it is also important to talk about the future. ENDEX will solve right now problems for radiologists, PACS admins, IT and hospital admins. But the Enlitic Curie platform on which ENDEX sits will solve issues such as timely AI deployment and de-identifying patient information while keeping clinically relevant information and more.

The Curie platform and ENDEX are the first steps to creating a real-world evidence database that will change the way healthcare is delivered. While AI for medical diagnosis is and will continue to be important, the Curie platform will assist by allowing radiologists immediate use of those algorithms.

AI in Radiology - solutions

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