Hospital Executives Generate Revenue & Create A Real-World Evidence Database

The Importance of Data Standards in Healthcare

Data standardization in healthcare forms the basis for interoperability. To create a smooth-running healthcare system, there needs to be data governance at the forefront of procedures.

Enlitic has created a healthcare data solution that will not only standardize medical image data, but also de-identify data while keeping clinically relevant information.

Our platform allows for AI point solution deployments in minutes and ensures coding and billing is more accurate.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

When thinking about AI in medicine, many professionals think about the point solutions that diagnose or assist with finding anomalies. We are not that. Enlitic is creating workflow efficiencies that start at the PACS and impact the entire continuum of care. Additionally, AI in medicine and in healthcare systems is expensive and takes time to deploy.

Enlitic is different. When you deploy the Enlitic Curie platform, you are opening the gates of your AI strategy, reclaiming hours for your radiology team time, and are making your healthcare systems stronger. You are creating a place for better patient care.

Our platform will save your organization money, we guarantee it, or you don’t pay.

PACS administrators will have more time to maintain the PACS and deploy new AI algorithms in minutes. Radiologists become more efficient as they no longer have broken hanging protocols and misrouted studies. The IT team will have less worry about network capacity.

Creating a Real-World Evidence Database

Creating a real-world evidence database in the healthcare realm is the future of healthcare delivery. In today’s world we cannot compare a patient’s symptoms against a cohort of similar patients because we lack strong data governance standards. Enlitic’s goal is to solve these high value problems and deliver the world’s first real world evidence platform that includes medical imaging. Information that would allow clinicians to better serve patients quicker, will be available with the Curie platform and Enlitic solutions.

We are working on solving big problems that will take time to solve while also solving major issues, right now for organizations that are wanting to be the best.

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