Judge Steve Wozniak awards prize at first Cube Tech Fair

San Francisco, Calif., May 17, 2017Enlitic, the world’s first medical deep learning company is pleased to announce that it won the top prize at the first Cube Tech Fair in Berlin, Germany, beating out 250 of the world’s most innovative companies.

During the final round, COO Kevin Lyman gave a demonstration of Enlitic’s medical deep learning diagnostics platforms in front of competition judge (and Apple co-founder) Steve Wozniak to take home the top prize of €1 Million - the largest prize of its kind, worldwide.

The competition is the latest success for Enlitic on its path towards commercializing its medical deep learning technology. “Because Enlitic was the first company to enter this field, our technology is the most mature in the world. We’ve demonstrated to our partners in blind tests that we can rapidly and accurately identify anomalies in medical images – the only company in the world with this capability,” said Sally Daub, Executive Advisor and Board Member, who has been advising the company on commercialization strategy since Fall 2016. “We chose the Cube competition for its global reach. With partners like Bayer, representatives of government and a vast network of potential customers, it was the ideal opportunity to showcase Enlitic’s medical deep learning technology and its array of applications in pharmaceutical research, diagnostics, and patient care.”

Founder, Jeremy Howard said, “When I started Enlitic, I quickly realized that the best way to help doctors is to find and highlight all medical abnormalities – not just a small set of afflictions. That vision has now become a reality, and it is really rewarding to see Enlitic’s technology getting recognized in this way.”

“Deep learning supported diagnostic solutions delivered across a growing network will drive significant efficiencies in healthcare delivery, and provide rich insights to improve early detection, treatment planning, and disease monitoring. We are very excited about what this large-scale deployment will mean for healthcare in the 21st century” said Sally Daub, Executive Board Member, Enlitic.

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About Enlitic

Enlitic, Inc. (“Enlitic”) is the world’s first medical deep learning company. For its unique algorithms, engineered from the ground up by renowned data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and medical experts, it was named one of the world’s “50 Smartest Companies” by MIT Tech Review. By combining medical images, texts, and other data, Enlitic’s technology leverages billions of clinical cases to accelerate pharmaceutical research and drug trials, drive clinical efficiencies, and improve diagnostic accuracy, speed and patient outcomes. Enlitic is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

About Cube

CUBE (www.cube-global.com) is a global ecosystem dedicated to bridging the gap between top B2B startups and major industry leaders. With a deep understanding of startups and corporations and their vastly different cultures, CUBE connects these unlikely partners through a network of touchpoints worldwide, and acts as the most efficient B2B matchmaking service available. Through a year-round program CUBE also offers industry and startups a space to collaborate via its Cooperation Space in the heart of Berlin. The highlight event of the year is the CUBE Tech Fair, that brings global visibility to the most important industries in startup innovations by promoting projects between leading industry players and startups. CUBE was founded in June 2016 with Dr. Torsten Oelke as executive chairman and global founding partners Bayer, Dell, Messe Berlin and VW.