Enlitic Innovators


Reimaging Intelligence 

With decades of experience in the healthcare and medical intelligence industries, our team is filled with intelligent minds that work hard to make real change. Learn more about the passionate people that are leading our charge to improve patient outcomes through intelligence that cares.

Enlitic Leaders

Jim Conyers

Chief Executive Officer

For over 20 years, Jim has delivered critical care solutions that address high value challenges to market. As an industry expert, he is respected for his passionate drive to develop clinically relevant solutions that enable better intelligence in healthcare.

Kevin Lyman

Chief Science Officer

Kevin leads our diverse team of data scientists, engineers, and radiologists and is an advocate for better intelligence. His insight and determination help Enlitic offer solutions that improve patient outcomes around the world.

John Marshall

Chief Revenue Officer

John is a seasoned executive with 25 years of global sales experience in healthcare technology. He’s brought 4 start-ups, each producing new product applications for the industry, to soaring revenues. John believes that Enlitic’s technology is positioned like no other for solving complex data, workflow, and clinical challenges that affect the continuum of patient care.

Ryan Ranweiler

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan comes to Enlitic with 20 years+ of progressive experience in technology, medical device/healthcare, manufacturing and distribution. He has led teams during periods of high growth, helping double revenue and improve operating margins. Ryan is a results-oriented CFO who will roll up the sleeves with a “get it done” attitude that he brings to the table with his extensive M&A, private equity, IPO preparation/S-1 and related history.

Dan Kozimor

Chief Technology Officer

With over a decade of radiology information technology experience, Dan specializes in scaling and enabling exceptional engineering teams. His ability to plan, coordinate, and supervise engineering and development activities ensures that Enlitic will always produce effective and efficient systems that enable what healthcare can become.

Ryan Lennartson

VP of People Operations

Ryan brings over 20 years of leadership in HR and strategy to the Enlitic team. He enables people through coaching leaders, creating efficient HR programs, and developing scalable resources. Ryan and his team support the global Enlitic culture through performance management, talent acquisition, people development, compliance, and all other aspects of human resources.

Scott Stanton

VP of Sales Operations

Scott joins Enlitic with over 20 years experience working with start ups in the medical space. He has worked with OEMs and end users to drive millions of dollars of business through the companies, always growing and expanding their footprint. Scott has worked in Europe and North America successfully fulfilling customers’ needs. He has been promoted to VP at Enlitic after serving as the Sales Director for OEM/CRO and managing the Northeast US.

Ron Wider

Vice President of Strategy

Ron Wider elevates our Enlitic team through his expertise, problem-solving skills, and strategic insights. With over 25 years of experience in the Commercial Medical Informatics industry, he infuses skill and insights into our strategies to help elevate our services and drive client success.

Dave Wilson

VP of Marketing and Communications

Dave Wilson came from the trenches, working as a technologist in Nuclear Medicine and MRI. He has evolved with the times to understand the impacts digital health has had on patient care and uses this experience to convey the key messages to customers in a language everyone understands.

Mike Barber

Vice President of Data Science & Machine Learning

Mike joins Enlitic with over 20 years experience in software engineering for companies like HP, Microsoft, and Micron Technologies. He received his MS/PhD(abd) in Computer Science with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. He sets the strategic direction for Enlitic’s use of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence and drives direction and evolution of the Data Science platform, architecture, and tooling. Mike manages teams of specialized Data and Research Scientists that include Machine Learning Scientists, Computer Vision Scientists, and Natural Language Processing. Prior to Enlitic, Michael was the Director of Data Science for Workiva.

Thea Moeller

Chief of Staff

Thea brings to Enlitic 15 years of diversified experience in sales, marketing, training, and management. She has worked in unique and regulated clinical markets ranging from established pharmaceutical corporations to medical startups to new product launches. She works closely with each member of the executive team to ensure the company’s vision, culture, strategy, and objectives are communicated and aligned. 

Enlitic Board

Justin Walter

Justin Walter is the Managing Director / CEO of Capitol Health, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services. Justin brings 30 years of experience in healthcare, from public and private hospitals, to GP and allied health clinics, as well as consulting roles. Justin was most recently Managing Director of ASX-listed Zenitas Healthcare and has held senior roles managing hospitals for Healthscope and in Spotless Group’s health sector. He holds a Masters in Public Health from James Cook University with Executive Education from Singapore Management University’s hospital management program.

Ben Van Roo

Ben Van Roo is an Executive in Residence at Amplify Partners. He was the EVP of National Security at Primer AI, VP of Analytics and Data Science at Chegg, Inc, and a Researcher at the RAND Corporation working with the Department of Defense. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science, an MBA, and a PhD in Operational Research from the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Business.

Michael Sistenich

Michael Sistenich is a Partner and Founder of Aurenda Partners and has over 24 years of experience in the investment banking, corporate finance and asset management industry. Michael was the founder and lead portfolio manager of the €6.5bn DWS Investments healthcare franchise, and was also the founder of the first European healthcare hedge fund at Meditor Capital Management running in excess of €500mn. He continues to serve as a board member of non-profits, as well as private and public companies in the US and Australia, and holds a Masters of Science with Honors in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford.

Lawrence B. Gozlan

Lawrence B. Gozlan, a leading biotechnology investor and advisor, is the Life Sciences Investment Manager at Jagen Pty Ltd, an international private investment organisation. Mr Gozlan is also the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Scientia Capital, a specialised global investment fund focused exclusively in life sciences. He currently serves as a Director on several private and public company boards in Australia and the US and holds a B.S. with Honors from the University of Melbourne.

Jim Conyers

Chief Executive Officer

For over 20 years, Jim has delivered critical care solutions that address high value challenges to market. As an industry expert, he is respected for his passionate drive to develop clinically relevant solutions that enable better intelligence in healthcare.